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The JOJO® Hairstudio

JOJO® Hairstudio distinguishes itsself through a rational design, which supports your presentation as a hairdresser, and in which a dynamic mood is created.

Our salons are located at sites in the best position and have a minimum square metres of space to the criteria for interior, product image and presentation to be implemented. Those we use to create a pleasant atmosphere in which “go to hairdresser” is a enjoyment.

Trend workshop from JOJO® HAIRSTUDIO

We, the JOJO® Art Team, offer you a cost efficient opportunity to motivate and inform your employees about the latest trends. We will introduce color and cutting techniques to you suited for your individual goal. In addition you will receive detailed information about all JOJO® products and their application. Your employees will be put in the position to act on a suggestion.

Seminar Topics

Hair Cutting Techniques

Hair Styling Techniques

Hair Color Techniques

Product Training for Hairpure and Colorpure


35644 Hohenahr
Zu den neuen Wiesen 7

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